26 May 2008

Mudville Memorial Day

Found this at the Mudville Gazette site:

The Free And The Brave

...and that first pic was taken by Michael Yon, who has a very special dispatch for today from CSM Jeff Mellinger, currently serving in Afghanistan. Go there for yet another reminder of the TRUE reason for Memorial Day - as fresh and real as all the other reasons who have gone before....

Never Forget.

---edited to add:
John was kind enough to remind me that it was Greyhawk - the creator of the Mudville Gazette - who wrote, played and sang for that video; something I managed to completely space-out puttin' up when I linked that vid last night...an oversight I am correcting now.
No excuse, just some cranial flatulence on my part.......


John said...

Greyhawk the author of Mudville is the creator, guitar player and singer of this video.

TouchStone said...

Thanks for that.
Some dumbass forgot to put it on his blog.

I'll be chewin' that slacker a new one - next time I'm in front of a mirror....LOL

be said...
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