29 May 2008

Stealth Censorship

Okay, so there's a lot of buzz about scut mcclellan's book...and I can't help but wonder if he's related to that general from the Civil War whose ineptitude prompted President Lincoln to say, "If General McClellan isn't going to use his army, I'd like to borrow it for a time."

Long story short: follow the money, it leads to the leftist media. Furthermore, if the punk had "misgivings" about what was going on in the White House, he had to have been a coward not to speak up or resign. If he didn't have those misgivings and is only making up stories to sell his book, then he's also a back-stabber.

Either way ya slice it, mclellan will get his money, some small amount of "fame", and will then fade into the mists of history as yet another hair in the zit on the wart of the ass that is liberal defeatism...in the face of the most important conflict of this new century.

The mega-ditz sharon stone surely HAS to have another idiotic "karma" comment to make on THIS one.......

However, that is not what prompted the entry for tonight.

How many of you are aware of a little-known amendment (virtually BURIED by the terrorist-collaborating media) to the latest defense policy bill PASSED by the U.S. House. It was written by New Hampshire dem paul hodes, passed via a politically safe, anonymous "voice vote" (more cowardice from the Swamp-denizens of D.C.), and RESTRICTS how the mutha-fraggin' PENTAGON can release GOOD NEWS IN THE WAR ON TERROR!


...and the Senate will consider it next week....

(h/t to A Western Heart )

And where is the so-called "MAIN-STREAM" media?

...yeah, right...........they WANT this shit......

My take?

I ain't buyin' that coward's book, and since my two Senators from Montana are both dems, callin' them won't accomplish anything, so I'll email OTHER Senators and the President.

In the meantime, I'm workin' here in Montana to change that roster of fools in D.C....if God keeps watchin' and the Devil blinks, then max baucus will get his walkin' papers, come November.

...hey, a man can dream, can't he?


MK said...

"...as yet another hair in the zit on the wart of the ass that is liberal defeatism..."

Brilliantly put TS.

Anonymous said...
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