16 May 2008

No Rant Tonight

Last Friday, my father tried to wake his wife of 48 years and was unable to do so.

My mother's funeral was yesterday. She had more friends than most, had literally saved the lives of more than one person, and always gave more than she ever asked.

"Dying's easy. Everyone gets to do it. It's the living that matters, since that's what will be remembered by those who loved you."

What we will all remember is the life of someone whose like was all too rare before her passing, and the world is poorer for the loss. It is the loss of part of a better, stronger Age, when the world didn't have so many people trying to turn black and white into endless shades of gray.

She will be missed.


Oswald Bastable said...

My condolences for your loss.

Lives that touch others have not been wasted.

MK said...

My condolences too Touch, i will pray for your Mom.

Anonymous said...
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