17 July 2008


The (thankfully) FORMER Vice-President algore popped the cork on a 10 year plan to change America to nothing but renewable energy for electricity, somewhat akin - he says - to what JFK proposed in the early '60's to put a man on the moon. (notably leaving OUT nuclear generation from his list of options).

[From the article, algore also says that] '"fellow Democrat Barack Obama and Republican rival John McCain are "way ahead" of most politicians in the fight against global climate change."'

The presumptive democrat nominee for President says he "agrees with algore's ideas, and will fasttrack investments in renewable energy, if elected."

The presumptive republican nominee for President, when asked about "THE PLAN" says he "believes algore, if algore says it's doable."

Which, of course, gives me yet another reason to show that Townhall.com cartoon....it's just too damned, tragically, pathetically accurate....


MK said...

I thought Mccain had seen the light on ANWR and was coming around, albeit slowly. Put me down for one of those red welt things if he's flipped on it.

TouchStone said...

mccain now says he'd allow off-shore drilling, but he's still being an idiot on ANWR.

Why the hell did the reps settle on this guy for their candidate?

...the world may never know......