02 August 2008

Global Warming And Other Modern Myths

Not much commentary needed for these two stories - just a simple exercise in contrast and comparison.
July's record temps
pelosi: "Saving the planet"?
However, some examination of Kommissar pelosi's real motives might be in order....along with questioning the rationale of voting for ANY member of the democrat party, a wholly owned subsidiary of the eco-socialists.
Then there's this - which I found after posting the previous links:
obamessiah switches on off-shore drilling
Now THAT little change is an obvious political "triangulation" and a calculated risk for any dem candidate. Consider - the eco-socialists have the dem party by the financial tender-parts, so it's no great psychic feat to predict a back-lash from the Church of Climatology against their Chosen sock puppet.
However, it's equally obvious that obama is banking on a collateral up-swing of support from the majority of Americans who're tired of bowing at the Altar of OPEC, and counting on his acolytes in the media to cover his six by spinning this story like a metal lathe.

My take on it?
obama blew it, just like Kommissar pelosi did when she turned out the lights in the House to muzzle dissent .
The two extremes of the dem party - the extreme eco-nuts and the extreme cult-of-personality worshipers are going to tear at each other over this "minor disagreement", and it's going to play hob with their oh-so-precious polls.
For all the "internet savvy" his campaign is supposed to have, they still haven't caught on to the fact that it's become nearly impossible to keep the truth from coming out and making itself very public.

It's people like us that can keep the facts from getting buried...but ONLY if we keep at it.......
It's that whole "Eternal Vigilance" thingy, don'cha know........

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MK said...

"It's that whole "Eternal Vigilance" thingy, don'cha know........"

Indeed TS, we have to do what we can cos no one else will.