07 August 2008

Jus' For Fun

With all the crap flyin' through the air and on the internet - some of it lethal - I'm kickin' back tonight with some funnies from the inkslingers at TownHall.com, and a top ten list from Dave Bellavia via Uncle Jimbo at BlackFive.net to get things started...sorry, but a couple of those might be a bit obscure for non-military folks....

Next, from Michelle Malkin's "Hot Air", here's a vid-clip of Kommissar pelosi stumbling through a volley of softballs from sycophant stephanopolous.

Finally, from Pat Dollard's "Young Americans" site, here's a list of 25 signs you might be a racist.

Time for bed, and dreams of a REAL energy plan.

Besides, I'm gettin' a stitch in my side from laughing...or is that nausea.....?

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MK said...

Good ones TS.