31 August 2008


Admittedly, with all the bald-faced lies and stunning hypocrisy on parade in Dem-ver, the deification of obamacus magnus at his temple in Invesco, and the amazingly deft way that mccain (didn't know he had it in him) utterly STOLE the dems' thunder when he revealled the pistol-packin', pro-life Sarah Palin as his pick for veep....
....well, it's not surprising if little things like ethnic cleansing and some old fashioned empire-building gets tucked away on the back burner of the news cycle.

As per usual, BlackFive has the latest and not-so-greatest on the doin's in Georgia.
(copy'n'paste link: http://www.blackfive.net/main/2008/08/georgia-roundup.html#more )

It's indicative of the nations which have a clue about what's really at stake (meaning: former Soviet satellite states) when Ukraine and Poland tell the "old socialist" putin where to get off, while the "enlightened socialist" countries of the EU essentially stand around with their thumbs up their asses.

LaughingWolf at B5 - in true military fashion, never losing focus on the Mission - points out one of the most important facets of the whole situation in Georgia...they are OUR allies.

What we do about the Russian invasion will ultimately be broadcast around the world (what isn't, these days?), and will reverberate in all the nations - and with all the factions in them - which WE are asking to "trust us".

THEY will be watching what WE do to help the Georgians.

It is America that is being judged, every bit as much as Russia.
The difference is that people EXPECT this sort of behavior from Russia.
They're waiting to see what WE will do.

Look for silence from the dems in Congress...or, worse, what dennis "UFO pilot" kucinich said to Bill O'Reilley during an interview at the dem-ver convention.
He blamed GEORGIA for provoking RUSSIA.

So, who do you think the terrorists would vote for?
...and who do you think our allies want to win?

As I've said before, in international relations, NOTHING occurs in a vacuum.

Who WE elect in November WILL have consequences, not just for us, but for the entire planet, and that's NOT just in the race for the White House.
Who, here, wants "Meets with Syrian Bashr Assad" pelosi or "This War is Lost" harry reid to CONTINUE as Speaker and Majority Leader?

Here in Montana, there's not much we can do to get rid of maxTax baucus - kelleher? Would he REALLY be an improvement? - but we need to send Rehberg back, and I've personally helped support conservatives in other states with letters and emails and the occasional $20.

You do whatever you think is right, but consider this:
There really IS evil in this world, and anyone who thinks snob-ama can sweet-talk the Russian bear and the IslamoFascist ghouls into playing nice and singing kum-bye-ya, they REALLY need to get back on their medications.

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MK said...

Good post TS.

while the "enlightened socialist" countries of the EU essentially stand around with their thumbs up their asses.

Exactly what happened, you're such a straight-shooter, is why i like your posts. :)

By the way, have a read of this, also on Georgia by VDH. He another writer who doesn't pull any punches.