27 August 2008


A "window of opportunity" is a (usually) narrow time frame, when there is a chance to do something important. A chance that might never come again. Such is the case with the hunt for Oh-Mama bin-Hidin' in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan, which was stepped-up in light of Presidential politics this summer.

That's PAKISTANI politics, not American.
Pervez Musharraf, not George W. Bush.
...and sadly, although we got some high-value targets, the two main rabbits kept hiding in their holes.

Now, the major media punks - ever willing to pucker up and slap some of their lipstick on democrat's asses - will either ignore or bury any of the latest progress in the War on Terror, as they've done with news of the arrest of a senior Iranian Special Groups leader at the Baghdad airport today, and the capture of three leaders of al-Qaida in Iraq a few days before that.

How many people heard of either of those events?
The dems - and their media cheering section - would prefer nobody heard of those things.

Of course, when there's something that they simply can't bury, they'll fold, spindle, mutilate, pooh-pooh, and twist it into something else - such as this "moldy oldie" from the WaPo in 2004, where the fact that combat fatalities are the lowest in history is "balanced" with speculation about a generation of mutilated veterans.

What? They think it's better to be DEAD?!?!?

They'll find a cloud for every silver lining....

What this war is really about is windows: windows to the souls - or lack thereof - of the liberalites like dennis "UFO Pilot" kucinich, who I watched on O'Reilley tonight, go so far as to blame Georgia for PROVOKING Russia into invading them!
(yes, he really IS a few rounds short of a full clip.)

Windows into the minds of fanatics who WANT to blow themselves up and kill women and kids
, just for the mere chance that it will make it to the AMERICAN evening news to further convince Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack to vote for cowards that will raise the white flag in Iraq....granting the terrorists a "win" they can never hope to achieve militarily.

Windows into the motivations of creatures who are so blinded by the pursuit of power that they'll sacrifice the welfare of the very nation which strives and sacrifices so much to protect the very freedoms they suicidally abuse.

Windows into asylums run by
mad men.

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MK said...

"The dems - and their media cheering section - would prefer nobody heard of those things."

They've bet the commune a long time ago on screwing over Bush's war, never mind the deaths and painful consequences for years to come.

"..yes, he really IS a few rounds short of a full clip."

Whaddya mean a few rounds? you mean there's no place for a clip in that head of his? i just assumed he was always like a dud gun.