14 September 2008

Belated Georgia Update

I thought I'd posted the following from Michael Totten, but I guess not...better late than never.

Suffice to say that the pictures tell a story, but the words paint pictures of their own.

Lately - over the past week or so - there's been relatively little news out of Georgia...then again, with Hurricane Ike, the commemoration of 9/11, and Governor Palin causing the liberalites and the media's (redundant, I know) mental choo-choo's to go off their little rails, it's far too easy for small wars and minor invasions to get shuffled to the media's back burner.

...unless it's something that bashes The West, that is.

Still, here's a tidbit that I'm currently filing under the "too little, too late" category.
Time will tell if anything substantive will come from that or not.

Color me cynical, but I'm thinkin' "not".

Damn! I used to believe that vertebrates ran the world.

...why is it that only dictators and tin-pots seem to possess spines anymore?!?!?
No wonder "world polls" indicate that the rest of the planet would vote for the empty suit, obama.......


MK said...

In many ways, most of us want someone without vertebrae. We want someone who promises to shake things up, but isn't really going to shake things up all that much.

It's the same with a Russia or N. Korea, enough of us want someone to say something stern to them, but not much more, since that may end up costing blood and treasure.

MK said...

Nato, UN, EU et al are all for a free Georgia, not to be confused with actually freeing Georgia, that sort of dirty work is given to the yanks while the Europhiles can safely lecture and tut-tut from their parisian cafes at the unsophisticated American with his M-16 and fancy bombs.