15 September 2008

One Marine's View

"Major Pain" falls into the category that the gents at BlackFive.org call, "Someone You Should Know".

One Marine's View is his website, and reading through his posts - particularly those of the past year - makes for the type of sand-in-the-boots point of view that the talkin' heads and GreenZone bunnies would wet themselves to achieve.
...of course, to do that, then THEY would have had to actually get out of their safe little hotels in Baghdad and go where the IEDs bloom.......

They are less than the dust on our troops boots, and - deep down inside - they know it.
Which is why they're so savage in their derision of better men and women than they could ever hope to be.

The latest from Major Pain is an overview of what's REALLY going on in Iraq.
The sort of perspective and news the media steadfastly WILL NOT put on your TV during primetime.

...and turn up the sound on your 'puter whenever you stop in at OMV........the Major has some great taste in music.

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Nilk said...

I'm another Major Pain reader, Touch. :) Definitely well worth the time.