17 September 2008

Illogic Problems

Today, I had a very interesting conversation with a woman at work.


I was explaining to her how I could never vote for obama.
The topic of abortion was in the air, and I explained to her the case where a nurse - Jill Stanek - had found a newborn in a soiled utility closet in a Chicago-area hospital, and how she had held the infant for nearly an hour until it died.
The nurse was barred by hospital policy from giving any medical aid to the child, solely because it had survived a late-term abortion.

Let's be clear about this: it was NOT about "a woman's right to choose" or "Roe v. Wade" or any other damned canard the "progressives" like to throw out. The woman HAD made her "choice", the infant HAD been aborted and was living and breathing OUTSIDE the bitch's belly, but the puke law-makers in the People's Republik of ILLinois had a law on the books PREVENTING that baby from receiving any medical assistance to CONTINUE living, AFTER HAVING BEEN ABORTED!

Needless to say, that case caused quite a stir when it came out, and a law was proposed to rectify that despicable miscarriage of legislation.
A young barack hussein obama argued AGAINST that law, saying it would somehow infringe on "a woman's right to choose". He made that argument FOUR TIMES, despite the fact that he had voted FOR an amendment to that bill which was - word-for-word - IDENTICAL to the wording of an amendment to a similar FEDERAL law that made certain it could NOT in any way be applied to "Roe v. Wade".

He still voted against that law.
That jackass had FOUR chances to do the right thing, and refused each time.

That gal at work said she couldn't vote for Sarah Palin, since the Governor had opted to have a "special needs" baby.

QUESTION: How can a human being vote for someone who would allow a newborn to die, while condemning someone for NOT killing an unborn baby because it has Down's Syndrome?

(make sure you click on the "Bio" link on Nurse Stanek's site...it's well worth the read.)


Same discussion, same "progressive" koolaid drinker.
She declared she would ONLY vote democrat, since she felt she needed a "tax cut", so I attempted to explain the intricasies of basic income taxes.

She insisted that she did pay taxes - her pay stub says so....
I asked her if she owed any taxes this past April 15th.
"No," she replied.
I asked if she got the Earned Income Credit.
"Of course," she replied.
"So you DON'T pay any taxes," I said, "and you GET more than you PAY!"

...at which point she switched tactics to complaining about how a waitress friend of her's is working for LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE, because taxes were being taken from her wages due to employer withholding laws on taxing the TIPS she was getting.

Same questions about owing on the 15th and getting the EIC....same answers, BUT THE POOR WAITRESS WAS BEING PAID LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE!

Choking back the urge to retch, I asked, "Does your waitress friend actually SPEND the money she gets from tips?"

To which I replied - as sweetly as possible - "Then she IS getting more than minimum wage. She just takes most of it home in CASH every night...."

I then pointed out how - if obama somehow wins - he and the dumb-as-craps in Congress have ALREADY outlined plans to raise FICA and other taxes....thus insuring that while they might hand over some "tax breaks" to people who don't even PAY taxes, those same people will end up with SMALLER take-home checks.

...and that's in addition to RAISING taxes on businesses which - write this down, everyone - NEVER PAY TAXES!
Businesses never HAVE paid taxes, since every scrap of income THEY get comes from whatever it is they SELL, thus it is ALWAYS THE CONSUMER who pays higher taxes whenever those taxes are raised on businesses.

She still vows to vote for the dems.

QUESTION: How is it possible for such glaring contradictions to cooexist in ANYONE's skull, and yet - somehow - that skull manages to keep from exploding each day?

Okay, that last question was rhetorical.........

...on a side-note, I don't think that gal at work likes me to much any more....
....but I don't believe I'll lose any sleep over that fact.......


MK said...

"How can a human being vote for someone who would allow a newborn to die, while condemning someone for NOT killing an unborn baby because it has Down's Syndrome?"

The moral bankruptcy of leftism Touch, i'd steer clear of people like that, people with no moral compass, you don't know what they are capable of. Perhaps you should ask her the next time, if she were to come across a car accident and found the person trapped inside were disabled or with downs or something, would she just drive on by? Or put another way if it were an old lady in the car, say 70 or 80, would she just drive on by, since they're going to die soon anyway?

Oswald Bastable said...

I have always said that in order to vote, one must first answer a couple of simple questions- any questions...

Anonymous said...
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