03 October 2008

Mogadishu - 15 Years Ago

Remember Them ALL for they are
the Soldiers of the Clouds

SGT Lorenzo Ruiz
B co 3/75th Rangers

SGT Casey Joyce
B co 3/75th Rangers

SPC James Cavaco
B co 3/75th Rangers

PFC Richard Kowalewski
B co 3/75th Rangers

CPL James Smith
B co 3/75th Rangers

SGT Dominick Pilla
B co 3/75th Rangers

MSG Gary Gordon
MOH Recipient

SFC Randy Shughart
MOH Recipient

MSG Timothy Martin

SFC Matthew Rierson

SFC Earl Fillmore

CWO Cliff Wolcott
Pilot of Super 61

CWO Raymond Frank
Copilot of Super 64

CWO Donovan Briley
Copilot Super 61

SSG William Cleveland
Crew Chief Super 64

SSG Thomas Field
Crew chief on Super 64

SSG Daniel Busch
Super 61

PFC James Martin
10th Mountain

SGT Cornell Houston
10th Mountain

18 soldiers lost their lives in the largest firefight since the Vietnam War,
and a 19th soldier was also shot and killed the next morning after the main battle.
Besides these men who died, there were 73 men wounded.
30 of them were Rangers
One third of Bravo Company 3/75th Ranger Regt. had been wounded or killed.


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Additional commentary available for:
MSG Gordon and SFC Shughart - Medal of Honor Citations
MSG "Griz" Martin - remembered by a man who knew him
Others may be found at the Arlington Website and at the Task Force Ranger site.


Oswald Bastable said...

They sure took a few with them!

Just about any other troops and it would have been a total massacre!

MK said...

That's what i thought when i saw the movie OB, which was the first i heard of this. May they rest in peace.

黃立行Stanly said...
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Anonymous said...
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