01 October 2008

Burning Down The House

You just have to watch the video.

It's ten minutes long, but could be the most important ten minutes you spend this year.
It explains the "housing bubble" better than a whole mess of talkin' heads or Beltway pundits, and although I'm no fan of mccain, the fact is that he got this one right in '05, and deserves the credit of trying to fix it BEFORE it blew up.
He does NOT deserve the blame for what rightly belongs squarely on the democrats' laps.

If you've got any questions about that video's facts, do like they say and do web searches for the info.

I did.

Hat-tip to my buddy Bob Z. for emailing me the link...thanks Bob.


MK said...

McCain also got the surge right, i was reading an article the other day about it, he called for more troops from when it started going pear-shaped and he wasn't calling for just more troops, but the very strategy that General Petraeus was pushing and has now been vindicated for.

Anonymous said...
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