22 October 2008

Negotiable Honor

Once upon a time, America was a nation of individuals who wanted little more than to have the government leave us the hell alone.
Sure, take some taxes to pay for things like roads, the military, police and the like...you know, the sort of things that individuals can’t provide for themselves.

The sort of things that are specified in that trite old parchment, the U.S. Constitution.

Those days weren’t really all that long ago, but the times have surely changed.

Not all for the good, either.

Like that cartoon from Townhall.com says, the days of “What can I do for my country?” have changed to, “What do I get for free? ...and preferably from someone ELSE's sweat...”

Case in point: junkies suckling off the government teet through food stamps, subsidized housing, welfare checks, free medical coverage, free education (which, for some reason, they tend to avoid), and all they can do is plan their next high and whine about how “it’s so UNFAIR” that they don’t have MORE.

Enter the sock puppet barack hussein obama with his impossible promises of something for nothing (tax cuts for 95% of the people, when less than half actually PAY taxes?) and you have all kinds of creatures – who might otherwise be mistaken for respectable folks – suddenly showing how “negotiable” their ethics really are.

Like colin powell – whom I used to respect – who has now joined wes clark as further proof that ex-generals getting into politics is generally a bad thing.
His “recent” decision to endorse the sock puppet is nothing more than blatant ass-kissing, and looks like it might very well succeed if Americans have a collective brain-fart and actually put the ultimate empty suit in the Oval Office.
For that matter, if endorsements really did matter all that much, how come the obama campaign isn't crowing about their endorsement by the terrorists' favorite network, al-Jazeera, or the one by Ari Larijani, the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament
Like I said, used to be a time when Americans placed more importance on what they could do for themselves, rather than what some bloated bureaucrap can now take from people who sweated and earned it, then give the spoils to the ungrateful slugs, unearned.

There’s still a few of us left who think for ourselves and don’t want to subsidize parasites.
Let’s hope there’s enough of us around to keep the socialists from taking over all three Branches of government.

The thought of nancy pelosi, harry reid, and the sock puppet obama running America unchecked is a horror movie that the world doesn't need to see.


1735099 said...

The horror movie has been the last eight years. We don't need a sequel.

TouchStone said...

The movie isn't over until the terrorists stop fighting, and they're not going to stop killing and sing kum-bye-ya just because a sock puppet kisses their ass.

If we quit, the enemy wins.
You should know that better than most.

Shame on you.

MK said...

A horror movie indeed TS. Let's hope you don't become like the rest of us, working our asses off so the useless parasites can whine and carp their way through life.

Anonymous said...
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