25 October 2008

Still Nothing To See Here...

Looks like an update is in order on this one - actually a LOT of updates could be posted in the saga of "Joe The Plumber", but I'm only putting the one here that should send a chill down the spine of everyone who loves freedom.

For the unpardonable sin of asking a non-fawning, non-filtered, non-preapproved question - and actually having the accidentally honest (for once) answer make it to the airwaves - the dumbascraps used GOVERNMENT resources to "dig up dirt" on an ordinary civilian!
If there's anyone reading that who doesn't see how the acolytes of The Sacred Sock Puppet have crossed the line into pure fascism, then they've drunk WAY too much koolaid and have seriously overdosed on the Cult of Personality.

(fshzm): A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

Twenty-four years after Orwell's prediction, "Big Brother" is crawling deeper into America.
Pray that we avoid having a national collective brain-fart on 4 November, or - with pelosi and reid in control of Congress - it will be worse than anything the Founding Fathers could have ever imagined.


MK said...

It should send a chill TS, but it doesn't, perhaps when enough of your countrymen lose their freedom to question the messiah anymore they'll wake up. Pray then that they haven't given up their guns by then.

Anonymous said...
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