29 October 2008

See No, Hear No, Speak No Socialists

Some of this has been out since April '08, but hasn't gotten the attention it would have gotten if it had been about McCain and not The Sacred Sock Puppet, obama (who, for the sake of brevity, will be referred to as The SSPo for the remainder of this post).
There's a lot here, people, so let's just get to it:

First, the LASlimes has been sitting on a video tape of The SSPo for nearly half the year, which shows him heaping praise on a (former?) PLO flunky, one Rashid Khalidi, who is - quite unsurprisingly - yet another "acquaintance" of the Weather Underground terrorist-cum-"educator" Bill Ayers, as this list of "obama rumors" that are TRUE illustrates.
Also, one of the links there is to a video by Sean Hannity and explores the connection further.
And, just in case anyone might doubt the actual relationship between Khalidi and The SSPo, here's a concise summary of their reciprocated fund-raising, shared dinner parties, and mutual admiration society...which lasted for as long as it was politically expedient for obama, of course.
What the hell, did they have their kids take turns washing each other's cars, too?

What the hell is it with "teachers"/"educators"/"professors" in the Chicago area?
Is it a mutha-fraggin' JOB REQUIREMENT that they have to be anti-American radical jackasses?

...yeah, I know, over 70% of America's college "educators" are acolytes of the Church of Liberalism.
....SIDE NOTE: Has anyone ever cared to take a guess at WHY that's the case?
Consider - during the 1960's and the Viet Nam war, one reasonably sure way to AVOID THE DRAFT was to be in college.
And remain in college.
And stay there, for years and years and years and....
And eventually, if they stayed there long enough, they got doctorates in Comparative
PreColumbian Fecal Cave Art - or some other equally needful academic major - and became "educators"....
Does anyone think that those radicals somehow magically "lost" their insane ideologies somewhere along the line?

...yeah, right.....
Thus we have the current crop of old anti-American socialists preaching their shit to the new generations of young, idealistic twerps...like the SSPo.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled post:

Second, just in case anyone had any lingering doubts about how The SSPo is received around the rest of the world, consider the fact that he's not only been endorsed by Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam, but he's also got Ali Larijani (speaker of the Iranian Parliament), Mohammar Qaddafi (dictator of Libya), most of the left-wing socialists/communists on the planet like tin-pots running the DPRK and Venezuela, lots of Arab fans in Syria and with Hamas and Hizballah, plus he's ALSO got a "grassroots" thing happening where young Palestinians are push-polling for obama.
...undoubtedly yet another "community organizer" thing....
If nothing else, at least all those foreigners are putting their money where obama's mouth is.
...whether or not that's legal would probably be considered yet another "racist comment"....

Then again,
France's Nicholas Zarkozy has a decidedly different opinion about the SSPo.

Third, d
id you know that he ran for the Illinois State Senate as a member of the "Chicago New Party", which was established by the Democratic SOCIALISTS of America?

Still not convinced obama's a full-on Marxist?

Fourth, how about that 2001 interview The SSPo gave, where he whines about how the US Supreme Court didn't pursue "redistribution of wealth" in their civil rights rulings in the 60's.

Finally - for this post, anyways, since this isn't anywhere NEAR the end of all the truly spooky anti-American shit the liberalite media has been hiding about The SSPo! - here's the clincher on what kind of attitude obama has about judicial appointees.

Now, keep in mind that FIVE of the nine the US Supreme Court justices will never see the sunshine side of 70 again! How many of them do you think will still be on the sunshine side of the daisies by the end on of the next four years?
(Life Expectancy tables can be found here.)
Those are the UNELECTED oligarchs who can - AND ALREADY DID! - change America without any recourse for "We The People".
...as in the thoroughly socialist "Kelo Decision", where the government can - and did - take private property from one individual and give it to another, all on the faulty premise that the recipient would build on the properties and increase the tax base of the community.

And let's not forget that the Supreme Court Justices enjoy LIFETIME APPOINTMENTS, so you may rest assured that whomever the next President is (the person who picks those justices), their agenda will continue much longer than just the next four years.
...think about that.
Think long and hard.

So, what questions remain about where The SSPo stands on socialism?
Only the question of whether he's actually related to Karl Marx
by blood or not, since they're ideological clones.......as always, special thanks to the cartoonists at TownHall.com


MK said...

"What the hell is it with "teachers"/"educators"/"professors" in the Chicago area? Is it a mutha-fraggin' JOB REQUIREMENT that they have to be anti-American radical jackasses?"

Yes, i believe that needs to be the case, check your diversity, tolerance and all that jazz at the door of every leftist institution, that's only the outside facade.

"...here's the clincher on what kind of attitude obama has about judicial appointees."

I thought they just needed to know what it's like to be homosexual, like really know. Didn't know anything about them having to be old, angry homosexuals with axes to grind and masses to browbeat too.

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