17 November 2008

The New Inquisition

It starts innocuously enough.

Apparently, one of the "changes" the Sacred Sock Puppet is instituting is an "acceptability test".
This one "leaked" via the NYSlimes...which is interesting, since their leaks usually only piss on our military, or at least on conservatives.

While some of these questions are actually somewhat reasonable and to be expected on most job applications, the vast majority of those questions are NOT "inclusive", "tolerant", or "open-minded", and Question 59 should be of particular interest to any freedom-loving American.

In short, typical liberalite double-think, with an emphasis on totalitarian elitism.

Welcome to The Machine.


Oswald Bastable said...

I bang on about RAH and his predictions of out future world but:


MK said...

Americans were right to buy guns and ammo in large quantities after Hussein was elected. Just like every other leftist and collectivist, he hates guns and free people.

Anonymous said...
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