14 November 2008

Rogues Gallery Question

The Sacred Sock Puppet is headed to the White House...nothing for it now.

However, just in case you thought you could sit back for a few, how about putting out a little more effort in the hopes of keeping SOME slight hope of a handle on sanity in Congress:

Make your voice heard on whatever fora you frequent, after you've gotten information on the voting fraud happening in Minnesota - here at RedState.com, and at Ballotpedia.org.

Next, you could put your money where your politics are if you choose to help the imperfect Saxby Chambliss in the Georgia run-off election...yeah, he was part of the infamous "Gang of Ten", along with other stupid moves, but even RINO's have their uses - particularly if we're to have ANY hope of avoiding the filibuster-proof 60 dem Senate.

Finally, let's hope the seriously-flawed senior Senator Stevens of Alaska pulls out a win - so republicans can force the already convicted bum to resign, and Governor Palin can appoint his replacement.

With such prize selections as those, is it any wonder the republicans got their asses handed to them this year?

Still, flawed, flakey, feloneous or not, you have to think about one thing - liberalites controlling Congress AND the White House, which means that they WILL dick-up federal and district judges, AND the Supreme Court.

So consider carefully the price of your politics, the cost of your morals, because The Battle never - ever - truly ends.
Would you take a bite from a shit sandwich for your kids' sake?


MK said...


That's the scariest bit about obama. Something too many haven't figured out yet.

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