27 December 2009

What Troops? .....oh, THOSE troops....

It's an unfortunate soldier whose Commander-in-Chief only remembers them - ON CHRISTMAS EVE! - after someone else REMINDS him.

(skip forward to the last minute or so of that mind-numbingly dull, blatantly self-congratulating speech, and watch some reporter with more balls than brains remind Pharaoh that maybe he should remember the men and women overseas that he's supposed to be leading.)

Then again, when one of Pharaoh's staffers tells him about a phony, staged midnight photo-op, he's there with bells on.
.....and cameras rolling, of course.

What the f*ck were you thinking last November, America?


Oswald Bastable said...


MK said...

"What the f*ck were you thinking last November, America?"

If i'm not mistaken, some smart fellow with a handycam went around talking to the obambi-voters after the election and proved beyond doubt that they really weren't thinking.