09 January 2010

40 Minute CYA

Press Briefing on Security Review - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

If you want to avoid wasting over half an hour of your life, I can sum up that "briefing" with just a few observations:

1. It was everybody's fault so nobody has to take the blame;

2. They bragged about closing all the (wrong) barn doors - AFTER the terrorist cattle ran off - faster, harder and more thoroughly than any (wrong) barn door has EVER been closed (too late) before;

3. They're ramping up all kinds of tighter, more restrictive, more time-wasting, less logical, tactically stupid and blatantly impractical rules for AMERICAN airports, despite the fact that the bomber got on in AMSTERDAM;

4. They made no mention of the fact that only (amateur) terrorist incompetence and a Godsend of pure LUCK kept nearly 300 people and the flaming chunks of what used to be their airliner from raining down on Detroit on Christmas Day;

5. None of them had the grace and dignity to deliver an abject apology, then resign (much less engage in a richly-deserved self-evisceration);

6. They were absolutely ready to arrest the bomber as soon as he landed IN DETROIT since they figured out AFTER THE PLANE LEFT AMSTERDAM that the bomber was on board (but not a word to the air crew in flight about the terrorist being ON THEIR PLANE!);

7. And - despite being hounded by the oldest White House reporter in captivity (the venerable
"progressive" troll helen thomas) - they somehow couldn't manage to state WHY the terrorists declared jihad against us.

Uh, lemme give that a shot.
They hate America and the West so much that they're willing to blow themselves up just for the chance to kill us.

Any questions, napolitano?

And we were all supposed to believe that Pharaoh was going to make the world LOVE us and play nice.....

Now, that inspires just a BUTT-LOAD of confidence, don't it?

1 comment:

MK said...

Thanks for the summary Touch, i saw the 40 minute counter on that thing and thought, shit no, i ain't wasting a minute on that dumbass napo....

Heavens above that woman is as thick as a plank.

I honestly don't know what it'll take for the west to wake up, given the islamists have been going at us for centuries now, it would seem nothing ever will. Perhaps it's a good thing that islam is so retarded and regressive, that way they'll never work up the methods to wipe us out.