07 June 2010

D-Day + 66 Years

Sadly, I was visiting my (Korea vet) father in a hospital in another town, and was unable to post anything on Sunday.

And where was the current
(sometime) Commander-in-Chief?

A.W.O.L. from his duty station and hangin' at a personal concert.


MK said...

Hope your dad is alright Touch.

On zero not attending, i thought it best he stay away, he would just disgrace himself and dishonor those who died so that he may be free.

KG said...

Please give our best wishes and thanks to your father, Touch.

And the kenyan would only demean any ceremony by his attendance. Better he stays away.

soule said...

Touchstone I know you get it but there are still a bunch of dopes out there in Never Never Land who don't. Obama ain't no friend of America. Hell he ain't no damned citizen of this nation. Obama ain't my mama. Obama, he be real bad kharma. Obama is a Muslim. That's why all the hugs and kisses, the bows to his Arab brothers. And the meetings to discuss how they can systematically dismantle our only ally in the mideast, Israel. Weaken her, little by little. And the international community, coming together like never before, with Obama at the helm, to put the final nail in her coffin. The likes of which I have never seen before. An American President who disgraces the office in which he holds by deriding, scolding, chastising, humiliating, reprimanding the Prime Minister of Israel after inviting him to the White House; leaving the VP to lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day while he jetted off to Chicago and then in absentia again on D-Day. This is no President of the United States of America. This is an impudent, shifty, hollow, arrogant, shill who managed to garner 52% of the vote by seducing a lazy bunch of Americans who have grown up watching too much reality t.v., would rather let government do the thinking for them rather than make the effort themselves and this is the result. And when the s**t hits the fan and they holler for help it ain't gonna come from me. My Dad and many, many others went out and fought for this country, and sacrificed dearly. The majority of the people living today don't have a clue what these men and women went through because they've never experienced war and the chaos it creates. All I can say to those of you who voted for Obama, you voted for this jerk now we're all having to live with the consequences. Too bad y'all didn't remember the ole adage...IF'N YOU DON'T KNOW WHO TO VOTE FOR, AT LEAST KNOW WHAT THEY STAND FOR.
My best to your Dad. My Dad passed away in 2005 after 35 years in AF. My Mom in 2009. She built Liberty Ships, LSTs, and others.
The Greatest Generation.
I only hope to G-d that there are those out there who are ready to step up to the plate again when that time comes because as sure as I'm writing this, we will be in the middle of another event again.