13 June 2010

Got A Paypal Account?

Calling it a matter of "hate speech", PayPal has declared jihad on Atlas Shrugged.

Make your own decisions, but I closed my account with their service.
Neither am I using ebay any longer.
When I swore to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign
and domestic", I meant it.

The First Amendment applies to EVERY American.

Completely ignoring the fact that what Pamela Gellar put up is decidedly NOT "hate speech" (not when there's a whole mess of frothin'-at-the-mouth-and-nostrils
muj's looking to kill as many of us infidels as possible), I've got a whole other problem with this.

The basis for even the CONCEPT of "hate speech" presumes that SOMEONE MUST DECIDE PRECISELY

It's censorship.
I'm not playin'....


Bigvic said...

Wow paypal really declared war on Atlas Shrugged. I think I might open an account with them now. Ayn Rand completely perversed the idea of objectivism. She came with the wrong answers to the right question. She was a mediocre philosopher who clearly didn't understand Kant, or Smith for that matter. Libertarians only complain when their ideas are censored, where were you guys when Texas was re-writing its textbooks and censoring reality. In principle I agree with you, a function of my inner Voltaire, but I can't help but feel like this is a victory for common sense in the longrun.

TouchStone said...

You pretty much missed the point entirely, din'cha?

Ya know....that whole "hate speech" concept?

Or are you in favor of allowing some cubicle-drone to determine what you can/can't say?

As for your Texas remark, doesn't that call into question your own comment about libertarians and censorship?

ALL censorship is questionable - at best - but when "philosophers" start debating angels and pin heads, it's time to break for coffee....

TouchStone said...

BTW, what part of the IslamoFascist agenda and/or Sharia law do you believe is in favor of your liberalite ideals?

...just curious......

Bigvic said...

"As for your Texas remark, doesn't that call into question your own comment about libertarians and censorship?"

It does very much so, but then again I did say, I agreed with you in principle. But Paypal is a private company, and was it not Rand Paul, the great libertarian hope himself, that was against any form of interference against private corporation. Trust me, I am very much against censorship, even I can not lie and that I am sad that it happened to the book that I despise the most.

Bigvic said...

"BTW, what part of the IslamoFascist agenda and/or Sharia law do you believe is in favor of your liberalite ideals?

...just curious....."

None what so ever. I do not defend Islamofascism as I do not defend the Tea Party Fascism. I actually don't defend any nationalistic/religious populism what so ever. I don't believe Sharia law posses as much a danger to me as does the teaching of a megalomaniac, which Rand clearly was, whose vision of the world was one were everyone fought for their own selfish, greedy, self-interest until they destroyed the world. It is funny that all of a sudden you here Tea Party people say they are taking money from our grandchildren. Any one who has read Rand's philosophy should know that "screw your grandchildren, you only live now" is the philosophy of self-interest. pardon my language there.

TouchStone said...

I'm a realist, not a philosopher, and I was referring to the novels of Orwell and Rand, although I have yet to hear of ANYONE other than Jesus or Mother Teresa who have done ANYTHING for ANYONE unless there was also something in it for themselves or someone they care about.
Self-interest is a survival trait of the species.

All that aside, I'm well aware of the pissin' contest "pure" philosophers have over Ayn's "upstart" positions, but I really don't much give a damn about the pointless bickering of the passengers while the Titanic is sinking.

It's been my experience that philosophy is worse than useless when someone's are shooting at me - and it's not just the muj's aiming to destroy this Republic.
The soros-funded pukes in D.C. - with their agents in the media and useful fools at ge, nbc, NYSlimes, paypal, aarp, moveon.fart and all the rest are absolutely taking shots not only at Israel, America, and tax-paying Tea Partiers like me, but at YOUR grandkids as well.

Government payoffs/bribery to the unions, universities, welfare junkies, eco-terrorists, illegal aliens and nearly every other entitlement-drunk idiot with tax-payer funded slabs of pork has to stop.
...as of yesterday.
Welfare, subsidies, Social inSecurity, Medicare, Medicaid, foreign "aid", bail-outs - it's a whoppin' big shit sandwich that's been building since before FDR, and we're ALL going to have to take big bites - and keep eating until it's gone - or there won't be anything like America recognizable in 20 years.

You'll be a government wage-slave in a dead-end drone-job, and I'll likely already be dead from the tender mercies of obamacare.

1984 meets Atlas Shrugs.

I just refuse to roll over and go quietly.

Bigvic said...

1984, I hope you actually understood that book. Written by none other George Orwell, a democratic socialist. 1984, the same book that glorifies Emmanuel Goldstein who is based on none other then Leon Trotsky. That book, 1984, was written against the Right Wing government of Francisco Franco.

By the way, if conservatives actually cared about their "grandchildren" they would stop the climate change that is effecting the world right now, as acidity levels in the ocean rises.

And I find interesting that you think the government is "paying off" universities. Are conservatives and libertarians going to war against universities and education now too. I think Adam Smith and the rest of his Enlightenment cohorts would be rolling in their graves that the ideas of free markets are being used to promote less education.

Also, I doubt that I will be in a dead-end drone-job. And do yourself a favor and look up Norway's generous welfare state economy and how it functions with a budget surplus and a higher per capita income then the US.

TouchStone said...

"Climate change"?
Sheesh, and I mistook you for someone with a brain.
...why the hell should I waste any more bandwidth on you?

I've got a church, I don't need your High Priest algore or your Church of Global Scamming.

Have a nice life......

Bigvic said...

Yes, I am someone with a brain. To say that ocean acidification is a scam is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. I guess "Objectivist" only believe in objectivity and an objective truth when it suits them. Trust me, I am the one mistaken, for I thought you actually had a brain. You won't need to waste anymore bandwidth with me, don't worry.

Have a nice life as well...

1735099 said...

"...why the hell should I waste any more bandwidth on you?"
Translation - "I've run out of ideas".
It's called a strategic withdrawal.

midlandsnationalist said...


Stand up to the NWO by refusing to play their game. Ditch Paypal.