30 October 2012

Facebook Fascism

The pukes at fuckedbook have censored a page put up by SOS - Special Operations Speaks PAC - because they posted that pic.

The link is from AndreW Breitbart's excellent site:
"Facebook Censors Navy SEALs To Protect Obama On Benghazi-Gate"

Let's send that sucker viral.

And just in case anyone has any doubts about the truth of that little "worth-a-thousand-words" pic, go over to see what the gents at BlackFive.net - ALL COMBAT VETS AND MANY OF THEM SPEC OPS! - have to say about what we KNOW those ex-SEALs actually DID during the attack in Benghazi.

Finally found this other little gem over at PatDollard.com, further detailing the actions of those operators.
...note that any dumbass "Arab-Spring-Breaker" with the proper cell phone could ABSOLUTELY tell when the mortar pit was being lit up by the laser designator - Tyrone Woods KNEW he was putting a target on his own ass while he was painting the target for an airborn fire mission that the fuckwits in D.C. DENIED!

If anyone reading those still actually wants to vote for the jug-earred jackass King Putt, the child-emperor, then you really should just move to the DPRK and REALLY experience the nanny-state you want to inflict on the rest of us.

....or just do the world a favor and COMPOST your eco-terrorist, leftist-kool-aid-swillin', muj-enabling, cowardly asses BEFORE the election.

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