24 October 2012

Ft. Hood "Justice"

The following is from the brave gal at "BareNakedIslam.com" who - along with Pamela Gellar at "AtlasShrugs.com" - is one of the very few bloggers around who dare to tell the truth about islamoFascists and their collaborators/infiltrators like c.a.i.r., and their apologists/sypathizers/enablers like obama.
They do this by the simple expedient ofshowing what the rest of the media won't - namely, the muj's gruesome jihad against civilization around the planet.

They don't blink.
Neither should you.

(I would add only one correction - one of the murdered troops was a pregnant woman, so I make that 14 KIA.)

“Allahu Akbar” he kept shouting as he tried to kill as many of his fellow soldiers as he could...   

Fort Hood Survivors, many of whom were seriously wounded, tell what it was like on that fateful day, November 5, 2009, when a Muslim terrorist posing as an Army officer, Major Nidal Hasan, went on a killing jihad, as commanded in the quran. By the time he was stopped, 13 soldiers were dead and 32 were wounded. Yet the Muslim traitor in the White House insists upon calling it “workplace violence,” rather than the Islamic terrorist attack it was, which means none of the dead and wounded soldiers are eligible to receive a Purple Heart. 

It also means that the survivors of the dead, as well as the wounded, do not receive any of the financial assistance/benefits they would otherwise be due...
...all because some bean-counting, pencil-pushing faceless bureaucrap got an order from the POLITICAL-BULLSHIT-FACTORY that is King Putt's misAdministration.

Think about that....

'Nuff Said.

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