02 October 2012

The Cristero War

As a soldier (and especially while I was an officer), learning history became more than a mere hobby.
Specifically - but not limited to -
I would study military history, the successes and failures (and the reasons for both) of past commanders at war.
I had a job to do, so I learned from the Past with an eye toward accomplishing whatever Mission I was given in the Future, by training my troops and myself the best I could in the Present.

As the ancient saying goes, "Those who sweat more in Peace, bleed less in War."

But this post isn't really about my past - it's more about our future.

I'm not Catholic, but I am a Christian, and the atheist/statist dogma of obamacare that
sanctifies bureaucracy and worships their tin-god "almighty gummint" is tearing up the Constitution by forcing Catholic institutions to provide services that violate their beliefs.

Last night - at the request of an old Army buddy who is deeply religious - I watched a movie.
My friend was not a "lifer" like myself, nor was he from a combat arms MOS, so he wanted my opinion of the movie, "For Greater Glory" - about the Cristiada (the Cristero War) in 1920's Mexico.
I knew OF the war, but wasn't too familiar with the details.

Seems that after one of their seemingly endless revoluciones, they ended up with a Bolshevik atheist Presidente who decided to essentially declare war on the Catholic Church in Mexico.

He outlawed all Catholic rites such as saying Mass, teaching the Catechism, even priests wearing their cassocks in public.
Los Cristeros  - after many horrific atrocities - took up arms in the name of their religion.

This movie tells their story.

My opinion of it for my buddy?
"Every Christian in America today should see it."

It is NOT for children.
I let my son watch it with me, then answered his many questions.
He's a soldier's son, so he was better able to process what he'd seen than most kids his age, since he and I have had more than one conversation about what I used to do, and what I will do again if/when my reenlistment goes through.

That movie brought to mind the many persecutions, murders, and atrocities against Christians going on overseas - and even in Mexico today, thanks to the cartels - in addition to the not-yet-violent assaults on we Christians here in America from the government, the media, and the oh-so-tolerant forces of politikal korrektness.

Will there come a time when we Christians here in America might have to take up arms for our faith as the Cristeros did?
I pray there will not, but if King Putt gets a second term in the White House...
....who knows?

If that time ever should come, I have only One Answer:


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