14 December 2012

Leftist Agenda Claims More Innocents

{pic courtesy of DayByDayCartoon.com}

Columbine High School - 13 KIA, 21 WIA.
Virginia Tech - 32 KIA, 17 WIA.
Theater in Aurora, CO - 12 KIA, 58 WIA.
Sikh Temple in WI - 6 KIA, 3 WIA.
Portland Mall - 2 KIA, 1 WIA.
Oikos (Oakland, CA) University - 7 KIA, 3 WIA.
Oslo, Norway - 69 KIA (island shooting, not including downtown bomb)

What do all these atrocities have in common?
...other than a crazy fuck with a gun....

ALL of them were perpetrated in "GUN FREE ZONES".

During my time in uniform, it was part of my job to "think like the enemy" - to crawl into the heads of the pukes trying to kill my soldiers, and come up with all the nastiest shit I could (if I were the enemy) in order to most effectively, efficiently, and comprehensively fuck over those damned Americans (me and mine).

It is an intellectual exercise that has stuck with me long after Uncle Sugar told me to retire, and I still use today.

YOU are a nut-shit crazy asshole, looking to "go out in a blaze of gunfire", with maximum emphasis on casualties, maximum emphasis on YOUR "blazing guns", and MINIMUM chance of ANYBODY ELSE SHOOTING BACK!
So what any real sicko wants is a "GUN FREE ZONE" - or, translated into loony-lingo:  a "free-fire zone".

Gee, now just where would a shit-for-brains wanna-be-mass-murderer GO to achieve such a goal?

Schools?  Gun-free.
Hospitals?  Gun-free.
Temples/Churches?  Gun-free.
Colleges?  Gun-free.
Theaters?  Gun-free.
...a "camp" island full of kids?  Gun-free.

And just precisely WHO came up with the whole IN-FUCKIN-SANE kum-bye-ya idiocy of a "gun-free zone"?

Your oh-so-caring (and oh-so-ghoulishly-"innocent") leftists.

Does any SANE person actually BELIEVE that some nutjob who wants to kill a bunch of people will look at the sign on the door that says "GUN FREE ZONE", then STOP, say to himself "Gee, I guess I can't go in THERE, since I have all these guns", then TURN AROUND AND LOOK FOR A POLICE STATION-HOUSE TO SHOOT UP INSTEAD???

Final Analysis:
In a target-rich area where gun possession by SANE people is forbidden by INSANE people, the INSANE asshole who doesn't give a rat's ass about "rules" has a shooting gallery of live targets with minimal risk.
The hapless targets have little choice than to run, hide, or die in place.

UNLESS there is at least one SANE person there with the means and the will to RETURN FIRE.

Do NOT allow the frothing-at-the-mouth-and-nose leftists to take away YOUR right to defend yourself and others.

...you KNOW they're comin'.
Hell, that jug-eared jackass King Putt wasted ZERO time jumping in front of a camera to spew some well-scripted teleprompter pablum and shed some similarly well-scripted crocodile tears as he began the too-predictable call to make YOU AND YOURS INTO MORE TARGETS FOR LUNATICS.

...and if you think King Putt REALLY wants to get rid of guns just to STOP violence, ask his sorry ass about Fast'n'Furious crossing the Mexico border.
....and Fast'n'Furious, the Benghazi Edition, too.

Where there is one gun in the hand of a lunatic, there is murder.
Where there is a SECOND gun in the hand of a sane man, there's a chance to kill the lunatic before he kills more innocents.

Your choice.
Are you waiting for a chance to take a well-placed shot at the mad man?
...or are you cowering on the floor, hoping the asshole shoots EVERYONE ELSE, FIRST?

The blood of those children in Connecticut splashes squarely on the soft hands of the anti-gun leftists, since THEY made sure that the shooter would have maximum time for unopposed carnage by insuring that anyone who MIGHT have defended those kids would have to do so unarmed.

May the souls of those poor murdered children (and the adults) rest in peace.
...that asshole shooter is ALREADY finding out just how hot Hell truly is.
Let his name be forgotten.


Deb said...

Still believe Gun free zones are unsafe and it,s been demonstrated many times. How many children need to die? The only ones who abide by those rules are the ones who have hand guns legally, and don't want to take the chance of having their fire arms taken away.. sickos like this will always have guns and where they don't belong.. All able and willing teacher,s should be armed. Law enforcement is reactionary and can,t be everywhere.

TouchStone said...

"When seconds count, the cops are only MINUTES away..."