11 December 2012

Union "Supporters" At Their Finest

Found this one on Townhall.com

Unions had their day.
So did dinosaurs.

These thugs are the same pukes who scream for Darwin's "evolution" and "survival of the fittest", but are completely unwilling to evolve themselves, or to admit that they have become the toxic waste that remains - and is rightfully discarded - after something useful was produced.

These same shits cry themselves to sleep each night about a "woman's right to choose" to murder her baby, but would FORCE that same woman to sell her soul to a corrupt union just to get a job.
...guess her "right to choose" ain't so important, then. 

These "useful idiots" whine about non-union workers sucking off the teet of "their" union-sanctioned "labor", but have ZERO PROBLEM with their extorted "dues" invariably going to support the election of democraps whose largest constituent bloc consists of the entitlement-junkies and welfare parasites who blissfully suck off the TAXPAYER TEET.

Union-addicts will immediately spew their frothing-at-the-mouth(communist) party lines about how the world owes allegiance to them for the 40 hour work week, weekends off, the eight-hour work-day, the end of child labor, sliced bread, perforated roll toilet paper...
....and on and on and on....

What they DON'T tell you is how it's nearly impossible to fire a slacker, a thief, an abuser, or a pile of drunks and junkies - even when they're CAUGHT ON TAPE:


TIME TO MAKE THE ENTIRE NATION "RIGHT TO WORK", and here is a good place to start:
"National Right To Work Foundation"

If you're sick of King Putt's arrogance and endless efforts to destroy this nation with the aid of his illegal tactics and union thugs, YOUR HOME STATE has to be the place to start. 

What are you waiting for?

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