13 March 2016

Another Empty Suit

There's a problem with all the trump-bots who are blindly banging the drums - or their fists - for trump, since everything the DT is saying he'll do will COST jobs, not "bring them back".
...such as in what he says he'll do with protectionism and tariffs.
History says he's dead wrong on that....the Smoot-Hawley Act proved it.
As far as not being "politikally korrekt" and "saying what people want to say" - there's a difference between strongly standing up for your point of view and being a vulgar asshole.
If common courtesy matters in private conversations, how much MORE does it matter when you've got the biggest soapbox on the planet - i.e. the U.S. Presidency?

Next, there's that hokum about "bringing back jobs"?
HOW - precisely - does he plan on doing that?
Don't believe for one moment that even if he DID manage to flush every illegal out of the nation tomorrow, that somehow that would entice businesses to return their manufacturing to America.
WHY would they?
Has he even said ONE WORD about shutting down forced unionism?
- ask what's left of Detroit what happens when you're infected with rabid unions.
Instead, he's getting a bit of support from some of them.
He says he'll cut business taxes to 15%, but - other than the EPA - which other department(s) will he cut, since FedGov OVER-REGULATION is one of the biggest job-killers America faces?
- or is he just going to do more crony capitalism (buying politicians) like he says he's done his whole career?

Which is worse:  the politician who sells his soul, or the billionaire who buys it?
....or the billionaire who decides to skip the middleman and BECOME the politician?

How about the DT's "tax plan" - where he has 4 tax rates:  25% for the highest earners (who also reap the most benefit), then 20%, then 10%....and then a whopping 0% for the lowest earners.
(anybody else see the problem here?)

...oh, and his "plan" also adds well over $9 TRILLION in new debt..........

Then there's the little fact that the DT is ON RECORD not only stating that as Commander-in-Chief he would issue ILLEGAL ORDERS to specifically target terrorists' FAMILIES (uh, that is SERIOUSLY against the Geneva Conventions Protocols!), and when questioned about what he'd do when soldiers - RIGHTLY! - refuse to obey such illegal orders, he said, "Oh, they'll DO what I say...."
Yeah, I've got a REAL problem with THAT level of arrogant stupidity!

How about the 2nd Amendment?
You DO know that clear back in the distant past - WAAAYYYY back in 2000 (and in his own BOOK) - he said he supports a ban on "assault weapons".....
So what does THAT say about anyone he might nominate for the Supreme Court?

Then again, his trump-bots try to cover his ass by saying that he IS a "typical New Yorker" - ignoring the fact that he has supported the communist deblassio, the sick puke chuck schumer, and the future-felon hellary cliton - while he lives down to all the tired stereotypes that go with it, such as rudeness, selfishness, a "progressive" mind-set, and a life-long streak of corruption.

And if they were truly worried about the Constitution, and thoroughly sick and tired of Lil' King Putt wiping his rump with it while ruling by Executive Orders, could any of them point to ANY real examples where the DT has CITED said Constitution and STATED HOW HE WILL USE IT to accomplish any of the things he's promised (this week) and NOT just "because I say so"?
Any of them?
....anyone at all?

We do NOT need another tyrant in the White House.
Don't pay any attention to what he SAYS - look at what he's DONE.
Time for rational thought, not "make America hate" emotionalism.
...then again, I'm certain Tsar Vladimir the Worst would simply LOVE to "make a deal" with someone like the DT - another, more expensive, empty suit - who thinks he's a "real leader"....

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