15 February 2018

Florida Tragedy

Three things that nearly ALL "mass murder" shooting incidents have in common:
1.  An evil lunatic who decides to murder innocent people;
2.  The criminally naive insanity of a so-called "gun-free zone";
3.  The bad guy with the gun continues shooting until a good guy with a gun arrives on scene.

Time to outlaw the fantasy of "gun-free zones" - which even murderous nutjobs CORRECTLY interpret as "target rich environments" - because even if you remove every gun from the entire planet, evil men WILL ALWAYS find ways to murder innocent victims.

And if you believe otherwise, then you are merely practicing to become one of the next victims - and will likely take other innocent people with you.

Think on that a spell.

In the meantime, I am one of those "good men skilled at violence", and I will do everything I can to protect others from evil men.

I run TOWARD the sound of gunfire.

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