01 December 2017

Media Propaganda

Written by Mark Twain over a hundred years ago, it is even MORE relevant today than it was then.

Consider all the spin and lies coming from the democrap media - msnbc, cnn, nbc, cbs, abc (who just had to issue a big correction today), the NYSlimes and Washington Compost.......
...and how about the Flynn "guilty plea" that abc screamed PROVED that trump "colluded" with the Russians to win the election?
.....uh, sorry, leftists, but the incident in question occurred in DECEMBER.
{helpful hint for those impaired by chronic socialism - that means it happened AFTER the election}

Also, never forget that whenever one of those "news" outlets does an "opinion poll", they are doing it to INFLUENCE public opinion, NOT to measure or reflect it.
...yeah, if they were truly accurate, then hellary would have her criminal ass in the Oval Office today.

Choose your media sources carefully, and don't be afraid to cross-check one against another.
The sad fact is that there's DAMNED FEW outlets these days who DON'T have a political agenda.

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