31 October 2008

Joe The Plumber Update - And Then Some

The shit gets deeper and colder when the woman who actually did the digging says she was ordered to "look into" Joe Wurzelbacher.
...if that whole mess DOESN'T end up with some dem jackasses frog-marching off to jail, then The Fix is well and truly "in" in Ohio.

It's looking more and more like "shades of things to come" IF the dems end up in control of both houses of Congress AND the Presidency AND - since the President is the one who nominates and Congress confirms Supreme Court justices - the highest court in the land, that we will be headed into the darkest days this nation has faced since the Civil War.

Some might call that an exaggeration, but allow me to give some telling examples - in addition to what I've already chronicled here - of how the leftists handle opposition:

1. Not just private citizens get "investigated" for asking a tough question, so do entire TV stations - looks like at least two, so far;

2. Reporters from the NYPost, Washington Times and Dallas Morning News were "purged" from the Sacred Sock Puppet's plane - and it's merest COINCIDENCE that they just happen to have openly endorsed McCain;

3. Queen CongressCritter pelosi has called for reinstatement of the hideously misnamed "Fairness Doctrine";

4. And the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation explains here why that is such a spectacularly BAD IDEA;

5. I'm not even going to TRY to list all the examples of the media covering the Sacred Sock Puppet's ass in this post - I already hit a bunch of 'em in the "See No Socialists" post - but consider the possibility that one of the most ruthless liberalite operatives in Congress (also from the slime-pits of the dem-controlled Chigago political machine) rahm emanuel is rumored to be in consideration for a slot as a future obama Chief of Staff;
(...just look at all the rest of the stuff on that web page, and you'll see just how far the ChiTrib's nose is screwed into obama's butt...and what kind of dem-party house-organ that newsrag really is. Bring a barf-bag and a clothespin for your nose.)

6. They're even shutting off access to anyone wanting to interview the Sacred Sock Puppet's family IN KENYA!

7. Of course, obama's aunt (whom he speaks of in such glowing terms in his book and who lives in a slum in Boston) can tell you how well he takes care of those less fortunate than he is;

8. His half-brother outside Nairobi can also tell you about how the Sacred Sock Puppet implements his soaring speech about being "his brother's keeper";

Get the picture?
Dissent - even simple questioning by ordinary citizens! - is "investigated", quashed, suppressed.
Open discussion is silenced with "fairness".
"Hope" and "Change" are bullshit and socialism.

Is this the America we want to hand over to our children?

...for more cartoons, hit Townhall.com.


Oswald Bastable said...

Welcome to Nehemiah Scudder and the Thought Police!

In the book, the Prophet was elected in 2012. That was the last election...

MathewK said...

What they're doing to Joe for daring to question Obama should scare the day lights out of the voters, for some reason that and so much more is not.

I sure hope people sober up and have their say in a few days, if not, they won't get a say for at least the next 4 years.

Oswald Bastable said...

Get ready for the sound of tearing constitution...

Anonymous said...
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