11 August 2007

Army Attitude

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23 APR 06

Ever get sick of the whiners in the media or at work?

Give those cry-babies this example, and see how they respond:
You're toward the end of a full-field-gear run with only a mile or so to go, and you and the other guys in your platoon have been singin' and runnin' since longer than you want to think about...
...but your ass is draggin' trenches in the pavement, the pack weighs half a metric shit-load, your rifle is slowly pulling your arms off, you've been inhaling napalm for the past mile, your legs feel like you've been banging 'em with a bat, and some sneaky bastard filled your boots with lead somewhere near the halfway mark......

Why the hell are you doin' this to yourself?
How come you don't fake an injury and fall back?
What's so important that you can't just stop?
Who says you have to go through this shit?

The answers to the first three questions are, in order:
Duty. Honor. Country.

The answer to that last question is: That know-it-all son-of-a-bitch that stares back at you from every damn mirror.

Bottom line: you finish the damn run, because the alternative is intolerable.

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