09 August 2007

Repost Of Another Oldie

16 JAN 06

"Political Correctness"???

....stop and take a good, hard look at it for a moment....

Don't just automatically jump from the Words to the Concept, actually LOOK at the words.

Political: having relevance to politics and society...seems simple enough.
Correctness: having the property of being right, proper, desirable....simple enough, too.
Put 'em together, and it becomes something else.

As a fer-instance: What is NON-pc?

THAT is up to the elitists who decide what IS pc.

Words are verbal representations of THOUGHTS, and by declaring a particular word or phrase to be NON-pc, that makes the THOUGHT non-pc, and therefore undesirable...not to mention controllable.
If something is non-pc, then it's damn tough to confront it and discuss it.

PC is a way of hiding uncomfortable truths...a smokescreen to hide the movements of the enemy laying it.

So, now, some thoughts are undesirable...to be ostracized, shunned, scorned, denounced, EXCISED! Which allows the elitists to CONTROL the dialogue in society.

THAT is Fascism.

"Political Correct" speech is "herd-speak" - the language used to control what the prey animals say and think - the cattle that the elitists feed on.

I am a hunter, not prey, which is why I am DAMN PROUD TO BE AS NON-PC AS POSSIBLE!

(ain't Logic a wonderful thing?)

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Oswald Bastable said...

"...I am a hunter, not prey, which is why I am DAMN PROUD TO BE AS NON-PC AS POSSIBLE!..."

Yep, that works for me!