11 August 2007

Wheels Within Wheels Within...

11 AUG 07 -

Bill Roggio's "Fourth Rail" comes through again with the sort of perspective and info that the leftist media won't splash across the evening news: http://billroggio.com/archives/2007/08/pakistan_concern_ove.php

Despite what would grab most people's attention - the possible fate of Pakistan's nukes - there were other things in there that caught my attention.

Here's some of the things that struck me in that article:

1. Since our observation of the muj camps had to be from UAV/satellite sources, it really is too bad that not all UAV's carry Hellfire missiles...or that we couldn't just call in air-strikes on what is technically (but not in fact) the territory of one of our allies;

2. The muj’s ain’t stupid - hell, they use the damned INTERNET for commo and recruiting, fer chrissake! - so they HAVE to know we’re watchin’, just like they know we can’t hit ‘em where they’re at...so, did THEY take that into consideration WHEN they moved? (consider the threats and “chatter” that's been reported TO the media lately...);

and 3. The scenario of Musharaff losing control of Pakistan puts a whole new light on that treaty that the President signed with INDIA two years ago.

The whole thing’s just a mite complicated….

Then there's this last little bit of “Macchiavelli”:
Since our spooks HAD to know that the muj’s know we’re watchin’, was the whole thing about tellin' the Paki officials just an op to flush out the leakers in the Paki gov’t?
...maybe I’m just over-thinkin’ this, but....

The fact of the matter is that while the leftists and liberalites keep preachin' their kum-bye-yah, overly-simplistic solutions, the real world is a damned-sight more complicated than that.

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