16 August 2007

Iraqis Aren't Standing Up???

>pic from TownHall.com
Long day ahead tomorrow - and spent way too much time reading - so I don't have a lotta time for writin', but I ran across this at Bill Roggio's "Fourth Rail":
Needless to say, he's got a lot more sources for his intel than this ol' grunt...makes me jealous, dammit....LOL
Still, when combined with this little gem from Michael Yon's excellent dispatches -http://www.michaelyon-online.com/wp/al-qaeda-on-the-run-feasting-on-the-moveable-beast.htm - where he talks about the 1920's Revolution Brigades JOINING with the IA and ISF to turn their guns AGAINST al-Qaida, it's obvious that what we're doing over there is having a real, definitive impact.
The Iraqis appear to have decided who their real enemy is.
GEN Petraeus is going to have a LOT to say in his report next month.
...and the liberalites in Congress are NOT going to like it.
....gee, ain't that a shame?


KG said...

I wonder how the media will spin his report, Touch?
Whatever, they'll manage to bury the positive and talk up any reservations he may have.

TouchStone said...

That's easy, KG.

They'll take the example of their OWN performance - or lack thereof - and point to how the IRAQI Parliament hasn't met all of the "18 Excuses" - er, "benchmarks" that the AMERICAN CONGRESS said they have to meet.

I did a lengthy examination of the interrim report on the surge over on my other blog...it starts here: http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-oUAvyk0id6cUz_RcyjFevdA-?cq=1&bid=1034&yy=2007&mm=7

Scroll down to the 15 JUL 07 entry "Context", and follow it chronologically from there.

I'm thinkin' of reposting the whole thing - quite a bit of text! - on this blog...just before the final Surge report comes out next month.

...to keep the Final Report "in context"......LOL

KG said...

Thanks Touch, I'll go have a look.