08 August 2007

Proof The Surge Is Working

Oh, thank God!
The UN is coming back to Baghdad!
Everything will be "all better" now....
...now that coalition troops - AND the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Security Forces - have provided enough safety (with their courage and blood) to protect that august body's "enlightened" asses.


Those over-fed, under-principled, pro-greed, anti-Semitic cowards ran like hell three years ago, but now they've got their rat-snouts twitchin' at Iraq again....sniffin' for the kind of under-the-table back-room deals like they enjoyed during the Oil For Fools hay-days of Saddam's regime.

...or maybe forcing Iraqi girls to trade sex for food like they do on their "Peace" missions in Africa....

The U(ngrateful) N(osferatu) needs to have at least as much grace as their equally ineffective predecessors - the League of Nations - and go the way of the dodo.

They're the hair in the zit on the boil of the syphillitic ass of the world.

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Tony said...

Fabulous new website. It's on my favorites too. I'll put it on my blogroll.