10 November 2017

For Veterans' Day

I belong to an online group that restricts membership to only current and former Infantrymen and the Combat Medics who have slogged the mud and sand with us.
{Reposted by permission.}


This is from one of the Brothers in my Grunt Group - it speaks for nearly all of us:
As Veterans Day approaches I often try to walk quietly among the sheep. I wish to be left to think of those who no longer walk with us, and drink a beer with those who have tread where I do. To the grateful nation and the ungrateful nation alike I answer their thanks or degrading the same way:

“No need to thank me. I have a philosophy, as do most men who served in the job I did. There are a few that are the protectors and fighters for the masses. We are wired differently. A sense of compassion and empathy to those we are charged with defending that does not extend beyond the tip of a sword or end of a rifle barrel. Those who are wired this way have a duty that requires no thanks as it is our contribution to the good of the community.
We will do things no one else can or will, and quietly suffer things others cannot bear, all in the name of defending our charges. It is the core of who we are, a sense of pride and responsibility that is difficult to match.
We are arrogant, loud, and crude bastards....I am not the hero you wanted...but I am the monster you need! I am the Infantry!”

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